ADE DUO is a collaboration between Kosovan pianist-Adea Badivuku and Turkish violist-Deniz Caglarcan. ADEDUO’s performances combine classical, pop, and jazz music. We play music, enjoy music, and share music with music lovers.

Deniz Çağlarcan is a composer, conductor, violist, and a producer who enjoys being in different fields of music. He composes contemporary music, electronic music, live electronics, sound and light installation, and music for motion pictures. Besides, he is a performer as a violist and a conductor. For both he ambiguous to perform classical and contemporary works.Deniz Çağlarcan, born in 1992 in Istanbul. In 2001, he started to study viola at Istanbul University State Conservatory. After he graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory in 2010, he continued his viola studies at Bilkent University Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. During his education, he started to take composition classes from Dr. Tolga Yayalar. In 2016, he enrolled in M.A. program in composition at Bilkent University of Performing Arts Faculty. During his composition studies, he studied conducting with Işın Metin and continued to play viola by performing new music. Deniz has participated in numerous masterclasses, workshops, and festivals during his artistic career. After his graduation from composition master, he got accepted at Central Michigan University master of arts in viola performance as a graduate assistant. While studying viola with Dr. Alicia Valoti, he continued his conducting studies with Dr. José-Luis Maúrtua. In 2021, he got accepted with a full scholarship from UC Santa Barbara as a composition Ph.D. student and currently pursuing his study with Dr. João Pedro Paiva Oliveira.

Adea Badivuku is an artist from Kosovo who plays piano for more than 15 years. She enjoys different fields of arts including painting and singing from young ages. She puts her effort into investigating the diverse colors of the piano. She enjoys performing contemporary music while sharing experience with interdisciplinary colleagues. She is seeking and thrilled by playing piano/midi keyboard with tape music regarding the search of timbral sound quality.Adea Badivuku was born in 1995 in Vushtrri, Kosovo, in a family with a classical music background. In 2003, she started to study piano at the “Prenk Jakova” music school in Prishtina. After finishing her primary and high school in “Prenk Jakova” she continued her piano studies at the University of Prishtina class of prof. Lejla Pula. During her studies, Adea has participated in numerous piano competitions, masterclasses, workshops, and music festivals. Besides music, she was the winner of the first prize twice in painting competitions in Kosovo and also a singing competition. After her graduation in piano performing bachelor, she got accepted at Central Michigan University as a graduate assistant in master's degree. She graduated from Central Michigan University with studying Dr. Alexandra Mascolo David and she got accepted from the University of Nevada, Reno with a full scholarship as a piano DMA student with a graduate research assistant position.


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